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Who we are

ACA is a program supported by the MN Society of CPAs, www.mncpa.org, that provides peer support, assessment, consultation and referral to accountants, their families and colleagues who are affected by addiction.

History  In 1986 ACA began providing assistance to chemically dependent and alcoholic accountants and their families in Minnesota. Services have expanded to provide information and referrals related to the spectrum of behavioral compulsions/addictions including alcohol/drugs, gambling, sexual, food, and others.

Who will we help?  Any accountant who believes s/he may be addicted or any accountant who worries that a colleague or family member may be struggling with addiction.

No Fees  We are supported by the MN Society of CPAs and contributions from accountants and accounting firms.

How will we help?  Help begins with a confidential phone consultation to discuss issues, options and choices.

Services  ACA offers consultation, counseling, assessment, intervention, and a full range of referral sources including peer group support for accountants in recovery.

Staff  An Executive Director, who is a certified CD counselor, assisted by accountants in recovery who volunteer to share their experience and resources.


4530 W 77th Street #240, Edina MN 55435 • Phone: 952-920-5287
Email: dianenaas@aca-accountants.org

Accountants Concerned for Accountants is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization